Do You Need An Advisor?



Do You Fear.......

the possiblity of outliving your income, becoming disabled or dying young?    

having enough funds or insurance in case of a crisis situation?                         

your heirs paying estate taxes upon your death?                                            

the stock market crashing or the economy collapsing?                                    

that your 401(k) is not staying consistent with your risk tolerance & goals?     

that you or a loved one may need long term care?                                        

having your identy stolen?                                                                            

that you do not have adequate knowledge to take money out of your IRA option to choose tax-free or which when taking your minimum distribution at age 70 1/2?          

If you answered YES to 3 or more questions, you should schedule an appointment now for your free/no obligation evaluation by calling (806) 358-2206.




a licensed CPA?                                                                                            

providing income & estate tax planning?                                                          

providing an insurance review?                                                                         

providing 401(k)/other retirement account reviews?                                          

offering college education funding analysis?                                                      

offering Free/No Obligation annual wealth care check-ups?                          

If you answered NO to 3 or more questions, you should schedule an appointment now for your free/no obligation evaluation by calling (806) 358-2206.